I've finally uploaded all the source and binary archives to sourceforge. Don't hold your breath while waiting for new releases. I don't know if I find the time to work on this project soon...

Ancient news from the old webpages...

  • 26.10.98: not much changes due to lack of time...
    • fixed the XE1541 cable detection code
    • fixed a bug where temporary files were not deleted (thanks to Tibor Biczo for pointing this out)
    • added directory reloading after saving a file; only implemented for DOS and .D64; can't save to other filesystems anyway ;-)
    • compilation fixes for newer gcc versions; there is also a patch to compile tvision-0.6 (linux) with newer gcc versions
  • 26.5.98: new version (v0.04pl5)
    • modified calibration routines; much faster now
    • support for the XE1541 including cable detection (but only if the C64 is switched on)
  • 20.5.98:
    • first test version works with the new XE1541 cable that is introduced by the Star Commander; most likely the next release will have support for this cable that solves problems with some PC parallel ports
  • 14.5.98: new version (v0.04pl4)
    • Support for .ZIP file that contain directories
    • new timing code for non pentium machines (works at least on my 486DX4)
    • Added a directory tree viewer
    • Changing directories from the c64 is possible again; use LOAD"$<dir>",8 to change to directory <dir>
  • 27.4.98:
    • Started to implement timing functions that don't rely on the Pentium 'rdtsc' instruction. If those work the emulator will run on 386/486 PCs again...
  • 11.3.98:
    • Added a Sector-Viewer for D64-images.
    • limited and untested support for reading disk sectors with
      	10 OPEN15,8,15
      	20 OPEN2,8,2,"#"
      	30 PRINT#15,"U1:2 0 18 0"
    • All other file system types now feature a directory track emulation. That means it will be possible to read the directory of a T64-file by reading track 18.
  • 2.3.98:
    • Support for saving to D64-images is almost ready. Some little bugs are still there so it will need some more testing...
  • 6.1.98:
    • I tried to implement a fastloader (similar to HypraLoad which should give a 8 times faster loading). But the first attempt failed due to some unexplainable I/O delays even with all interrupts switched off. When sending 256 bytes around 250 are ok, but the other ones are not :-(. I'll need to find someone with an oscilloscope to find out what's going on here. It really should be possible to do cycle exact IO with a fast PC.

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Torsten Paul - Sun Oct 10 01:15:09 2004
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